Food52's Recipe Contest: Coziest Slow Cooker Meal

Food52’s Recipe Contest: Coziest Slow Cooker Meal


We’re going to let you in on a little secret. We love the summer as much as anyone else—tomatoes! Sunshine! Outdoor cocktails!—but our favorite time of year? Maybe you should sit down for this. It’s… winter. Blustery, chilly winter.

Because there’s nothing cozier than coming home to a big pot of something warm and delicious. So in the spirit of winter (it’s coming, after all), our latest recipe contest theme, Your Coziest Slow-Cooker Meal, is all about extra-comforting meals you can set and forget. We want that slow cooker recipe you can’t stop thinking about year-round—the one you make on the first properly cold day of the year, and keep on repeat until you can’t help but admit it’s March. (A side of pajamas and a soft blanket are encouraged but not strictly required.)

Submissions are now open, until Dec. 1 at 6 p.m. ET. A couple ground rules:

  • This contest is alllll about using a slow cooker, or the slow cooker setting on an electric multicooker. Other recipes need not apply! (Feel free to include recipes that have a sauce or carb or other accent that needs to be prepared elsewhere—but the star of the dish should come together in a slow cooker.)
  • Your dish should stand out as an entrée. Side salads are cool and all, but in the winter we’re into those powerhouse recipes you can serve for dinner, then lunch the next day. (And the next day…)
  • The cozier your submission, the better. Think: braised meats and veg, warming stews, soups you can’t stop ladling into “just one more bowl,” and the like.

Ready, set, slow-cook!

  • If you have a recipe already on the site, go to that recipe page, hit “Edit Recipe” (under the photo), scroll down, hit “Submit my recipe to a contest,” select the latest contest (“Your Coziest Slow-Cooker Meal”), and save.
  • If you want to add a new recipe, head to your own profile page, select “Recipes,” click “Add a Recipe,” upload it, hit “Submit my recipe to a contest,” select the latest contest, and save.

We read every submission and test as many as possible. But that’s a lot of reading and a lot of testing. We’re counting on you to help, too. Peruse the submission pages and make (and favorite!) any recipe that catches your eye. Then, share feedback on the recipe page. We take all this feedback into account as we narrow down to the top five, which will be announced in mid-December.

For a full refresher on how the whole contest process works, check this out.

May the greatest entry win!

What’s your favorite slow-cooker recipe? Let us know in the comments, and submit your recipe to the contest!

Ella Quittner is a a writer at Food52. She covers food, travel, wellness, lifestyle, home, novelty snacks, and internet-famous sandwiches. You can follow her on Instagram @equittner, or Twitter at @ellaquittner. She also develops recipes for Food52, and has a soft spot for all pasta, anything spicy, and salty chocolate things.

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