Trader Joe's Hold the Cone! Product Review

Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone! Product Review


When it comes to the Trader Joe’s frozen section, I fall in and out of love.

One minute I was completely obsessed with their Chicken Tikka Masala (I brought it to work for lunch three days in a row once), the next I had moved on to their Chicken Burrito Bowl (as good as, if not better than, Chipotle in my opinion). Senior year of college, my roommate and I made their Wild Mushroom and Truffle Pizza every single Sunday; by the next year, I had graduated to their Burrata, Prosciutto, and Arugula Flatbread—so much more adult.

But of all the Trader Joe’s frozen foods that have come and gone, there is one thing that I always keep stocked: their Hold the Cone! Mini Ice Cream Cones. The only times you won’t find them in my freezer is after I’ve made a trip to TJ’s only to find, catastrophically, that they are sold out.

These cute, crispy cones are filled to the brim with soft, perfectly sweet vanilla ice cream that’s crowned in a thin layer of chocolate (you’ll also find a little chunk of chocolate at the bottom of the cone). Pro tip: You can also buy them in chocolate or peppermint ice cream.

Hello, my darling.

Photo by Me

Some nights, I’ll eat one of these cones in just two bites, delighting in the way that it makes my teeth instantly cold as the ice cream breaks free of its cony shell, which has the most satisfying crunch. Other nights, I’ll take at least 10 minutes to eat one, savoring every moment. First, I’ll carefully nibble off the layer of chocolate, slowly making my way through the ice cream, and then carefully pick at edges of the cone until I’ve finally reached the bottom.

No matter which way I eat them, 10 times out of 10 they satisfy my craving for something sweet, chocolatey, and crunchy in one perfect little package. A single cone—and no more—is just enough.

And in case I still haven’t sold you yet, here’s a mesmerizing video that shows you how they’re made:

What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s product? Tell us in the comments below!

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